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Kamil Páral

Kamil Páral

I'm a 35-year-old guy from Czech Republic who currently works for Red Hat and looks for the purpose of life in his spare time. I was always interested in IT. I'm enthusiastic about open source philosophy, Pirate Party movement and similar stuff. This page serves as a guidepost for interesting stuff related to me.

My projects

  • Esmska - use web SMS gateways easily
  • gkeyring - access GNOME keyring from shell
  • android-vcard - manipulate vCard files from Java
  • jabber-roster - back up your Jabber roster
  • sendKindle - send files to your Amazon Kindle device from the command line
  • other small projects are hosted on github

My writings


Don't send me messages about my software. Use their issue trackers to report bugs or ask questions. Thank you.